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Director, Business Performance strategy

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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Job Description:

The key responsibility of the Director Business Performance Strategy will be to build a bridge between KPI performance, identifying gaps and opportunities and leading / executing the action plan to drive the desired business outcomes.

The span of the role of Director - Business Performance Strategy will cover all the business segments represented within our company (from sales to operations and support).

As a strategic leader, the Director will proactively identify and implement EBITDA or Cash-flow accretive business strategies, yielding long term financial value.

As a key business partner, the Director will work in close collaboration with his colleagues from operations in solving complex business challenges, identified by actively monitoring KPI performance and producing key analytics and insights. 

Finally, the Director will serve as a key contributor to the Executive decision process, drawing upon the conclusions from identified business opportunities and how overall EBITDA performance can improve based on actions taken.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Leads a team of business performance analysts that has a mandate of monitoring our key production cycles and KPI. 
  • Elaborates and Plan a business opportunities roadmap strategy.
  • Prioritize and Executes the action plan closely tied to EBITDA and Cash flow opportunities.
  • Nurtures a close partnership with his operational colleagues in the monitoring & management of KPI.
  • Influences the executive decision process in producing key business insights, supported by the production of KPI.
  • Actively collaborates to the production of the strategic and budget planning cycles
  • Demonstrates Agility by proactively and continuously seeking out better ways to operate, faster, quicker and more intelligently.

Job requirements:


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Business, Accounting, Finance, or a related field.



  • 10 Years+ professional experience in a related field of expertise
  • 5 years + Professional experience in KPI monitoring/management
  • 5 Years + Professional experience in Strategic planning elaboration or design
  • 5 Years + Professional experience in managing a production or call centers - considered an asset 
  • 5 years + People/team management professional experience



  • Outstanding communication skills. Easily translates complex challenges into bite size laymen nuggets of information
  • Seasoned professional experience in identifying and solving complex business issues and/or finding key business opportunities
  • Organized and Structured in dealing with key priorities and decision making
  • Excellent in questioning the status quo and influencing decision making
  • Knowledge of CRM systems/data considered and asset


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